Prayer of the Day ~ by Judy Powell

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Welcome to the Irish Chaplaincy Prayer Room.  Please feel free to add your prayers and intentions as regularly as you wish.  We hope this can become a peaceful place you can come to with your concerns and also view and join with the concerns and prayers of others.  We will be inviting special guests to pray with us from time to time.  We hope this becomes a place to remember loved ones, to mark special events, to be grateful for something happening or to bring a concern and receive blessings and solidarity from each other.

Enjoy your time of prayer with us.

Go mbeannai Dia duit.  May God bless you.

Public Intentions

For power to be restored to those affected by the recent storms

For those who have died in the English Channel, for all who seek asylum.

Let us pray for those who have died in the English Channel. We pray that there will be immediate efforts to avoid these deaths in future by offering people ways to register their intent to seek asylum and refuge and guaranteeing their rights.

International Human Rights laws guarantee asylum seekers rights:

the right to freedom from torture or degrading treatment
the right to freedom of opinion and expression
the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion
the right to life, liberty, and security
freedom from discrimination
right to asylum

for all my problems

please pray for me

Hi,I Ms. Sherri Colleen Spencer,need prayer to not worry nomore about my past and all those people who betrayed and hurt me and then teased me which made me hurt more!..I need to quit smoking cigarettes.I need Mt Sinai Kai Spencer to graduated College .ok thanks 😊

Hi I need my son Kai Spencer to graduated from college,also I need to stop worrying.

Diagnosed with cancer

We pray for a friend who has recently been diagnosed with prostrate cancer. Keeping him in our prayers.

Rest in Peace

We were very saddened indeed to hear of the death of our friend, Joe, who passed away in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Many thanks to those who cared for him in his final hours and days. After such a trauma filled life, may he now rest in eternal peace.

Elderly friend

We pray for one of our elderly dear friends who very sadly recently had a stroke. He is currently receiving palliative care and not expected to be with us much longer. This gentleman used to call us daily for many years just to chat and say hi to some of our staff. We ask God to watch over him closely and bring him comfort.

To give peace

Dear Lord, please take care of my precious Aunty, who has cancer and has to make some important choices. Pleace grant her peace of mind.
Also please take care of all those who care for their loved ones,especially in these difficult times. May they find rest in your loving care


I thank you Lord for supporting a friend in his cancer treatment and restoring him to good health. Amen.

Prayers for the safety of all those working in the Care and Medical professions in their care role of looking after those suffering through Covid.

Jesus and your Blessed Mothet protect those working to support those with the Covid illness.