April 16, 2021

Let Him “EASTER” in us

Easter is my favourite time of year because, whether it comes early or late, it is always a harbinger of Spring. There is even something nice about the sound of…
March 30, 2021

Digital Community

Yim Soon and I have enjoyed attending a zoom Mass every Sunday, so too the sense of community that has grown up around it. (more…)
Sun Rise BlogFaith
March 29, 2021

Last Days

LAST DAYS to shouts and songs of joy and palmed ‘hosannas’ he enters on an ass he’ll have his royal moment despite what time dictates he is a king about…
March 22, 2021

Ebb and Flow

  We’ve just passed a significant milestone in the year, the Spring Equinox, when day and night are equal and after which for three months the days become longer and…
March 15, 2021

Being Human

I’ve started studying Korean again after a gap of over twenty years, but almost gave up after the second lesson! (more…)
signpost BlogFaith
March 10, 2021

Lent and Knowing God

How is your Lent going?  Have you become a mystic yet?  That question is not meant to be funny but rather a serious inquiry about the state of your faith.…
March 8, 2021


“Hope is an essential part of being human.” (more…)
March 1, 2021


Having just a fortnight before been looking out at snow in the garden, I was thrilled to have the first days of sitting outside in the sun with a cup…
February 24, 2021

The Fast that Pleases

I’ve got through the first week of Lent with just one small lapse from my alcohol fast. (more…)
spiritual path rainbow hope BlogFaith
February 22, 2021

Lent – the season for soul sustenance

The word LENT comes from the old English word for SPRING, Lencten, and has to do with the long fast before the great feast of EASTER.  Fasting was one of…
February 18, 2021

Keep it Secret?

In this social media age it can be tempting to think that if it didn’t appear on Facebook or Instagram, or wasn’t shapchatted or tweeted then it didn’t happen! (more…)
February 12, 2021

Beware the Zoom Filters

If by now some of us have experienced an embarrassing, unplanned moment on zoom then we’re in good company. The latest Youtube video to go viral shows a virtual court…