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How does your money get used?

We rely on funding from the Irish Government’s Emigrant Support Programme, the Irish Episcopal Council for Emigrants, religious congregations, businesses and individuals to continue helping the vulnerable groups of people we work with, which include older Irish people, Irish prisoners and Irish Travellers. We’re also raising money for our general outreach to Irish people of all ages.

Is there a particular cause you’re interested in supporting? You can pick from the list provided when donating, or if you’re happy for us to allocate your donation where there is need, select ‘any project’ from the list.

What is a repeat donation?

Regular donations can help us plan services more effectively, that’s why we allow you to set up automatic donations every month.

Just select the amount, above and tick the “repeat donation” box.

Alternatively download a form to join our Cairde – Friends Scheme

What happens when I join the newsletter mailing list?

If you decide to tick the box that says “join our mailing list”, we’ll keep you updated with our work, and how your donation helps change lives.

We will never give your information to other organisations or individuals, without your written permission.

You are free to unsubscribe for our mailing list at anytime.

I don't want to donate online

We accept donations by cheque, to donate send your cheque (made payable to Irish Chaplaincy) to:

PO BOX 75693
London NW1W 7ZT

How will I know if my donation works?

You will receive an email from PayPal, or your card provider. You can also request a copy from us at anytime.

Or hold a fundraising event

Maybe someone you know has experienced some of the problems we help to tackle through our projects. Or, perhaps you hold one of our causes close to your heart for another reason. Whatever that may be, holding a fundraising event for something you’re passionate about is a great way to pay it forward.

To raise funds you can:

  • hold a cake bake sale where you work
  • set up a page on Just Giving for a marathon, long walk, or some other activity you may be participating in
  • hold an event of particular interest to the Irish community such as a tea party or a film day
  • organise a health awareness event
  • hold a games and drinks night with a raffle

There are plenty of ideas beyond this list, feel free to get in touch if you would like to fundraise for one of our causes. We’d be happy to send you a t-shirt or two, some newsletters and a poster.

It starts with you!
  • Settle the expenses for a volunteer to visit an older Irish person once a week, helping them to get some consistency and alleviating loneliness
  • Help a young person from Ireland access the right help when looking for employment
  • Pay for a permanent worker to visit prisoners in the north of England
  • Help workers on our Traveller Equality Project to continue to advocate the human rights of Travellers in and out of prison
  • Support a prisoner to access vital toiletries or to phone their family
  • Help us try to prevent prisoners from reoffending
  • Assist an older person to visit their family in Ireland
Special thanks to our funders
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