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Support for seniors

No one should feel alone. We offer support, friendship and advocacy services.

Support for prisoners

We visit prisoners, offering compassion to them and their families and encourage fairer treatment in prisons.

Support for Irish Travellers

Advocating for the human rights of Travellers and helping to improve their situation in the criminal justice system.

The Irish Chaplaincy is the only charity supporting Irish prisoners across the whole of England and Wales. As a result of the research we’ve introduced, many prisons have rethought their approach to Travellers. We believe in a fairer more just society.


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June 22, 2022

Traveller Project Administrator

Irish Chaplaincy is a leading social action charity which reaches out to vulnerable and excluded Irish people in England and Wales, including prisoners, Travellers and seniors. We have an exciting…
June 22, 2022 in Blog


I had the great good fortune to be in the French Alps for the tenth time and I learnt a new Hebrew word that neatly summed up the multitude of…
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June 17, 2022 in Blog, Faith

Time For a Few Small Repairs

Time For a Few Small Repairs Now that Trinity Sunday has passed, we are into that long sweep of what in liturgical terms is called “Ordinary Time”. This stretch of…
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June 9, 2022 in Blog

Change at Crewe

A new story I heard about the Irish coming over to England in the post-war years shed light on a question my parents often asked me. (more…)
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June 1, 2022 in Blog

Blessed Encounters

It had been described as ‘An evening of the vibrant sounds of modern Ireland,’ and having been to the previous ‘Imagining Ireland’ concert at the Barbican I knew we’d be…
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