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Support for seniors

No one should feel alone. We offer support, friendship and advocacy services.

Support for prisoners

We visit prisoners, offering compassion to them and their families and encourage fairer treatment in prisons.

Support for Irish Travellers

Advocating for the human rights of Travellers and helping to improve their situation in the criminal justice system.

The Irish Chaplaincy is the only charity supporting Irish prisoners across the whole of England and Wales. As a result of the research we’ve introduced, many prisons have rethought their approach to Travellers. We believe in a fairer more just society.


May 16, 2022


Space can be scary, which explains perhaps why we go to such great lengths to fill it. (more…)
May 9, 2022 in Blog

Musical, and other, Memories

As the tunes went gently round in my head the morning after the concert I was reminded yet again of the particular power of music to both bring people together…
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May 4, 2022 in Blog, Faith

Where the Dead Live

Where the Dead Live In The Apostles’ Creed prayer, we say that we believe in what is called the “communion of saints”. This means that we believe that those who…
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April 26, 2022 in Blog

Fix You

Whether it’s in a cathedral or a Korean movie, some acts of creative perfection will only ever be seen by relatively few. (more…)
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April 13, 2022 in Blog

Tikkun Olam

It’s easy to feel a bit helpless in the face of wars and famines and poverty and climate disaster and general suffering, but I take some heart in the Jewish…
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