Prayer of the Day ~ by Judy Powell

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Welcome to the Irish Chaplaincy Prayer Room.  Please feel free to add your prayers and intentions as regularly as you wish.  We hope this can become a peaceful place you can come to with your concerns and also view and join with the concerns and prayers of others.  We will be inviting special guests to pray with us from time to time.  We hope this becomes a place to remember loved ones, to mark special events, to be grateful for something happening or to bring a concern and receive blessings and solidarity from each other.

Enjoy your time of prayer with us.

Go mbeannai Dia duit.  May God bless you.

Public Intentions
for a safe birth

I pray for safe delivery on Friday for a grand niece. Her baby boy will be induced because of difficulties. A previous child died but was resuscitated. I pray for deep peace and calm in Jesus' love for the mother.

For experience of God's love

I pray for all my family in four generations that they receive an experience of God's love amazing love for them and come to live closely with Jesus.

Mother has passed away

I pray for a friend whose mother has unexpectedly passed away. May she rest in eternal peace and may her family be comforted in this time of loss and grieving.


We pray for our colleague who will attend his Aunt's funeral. May those who mourn be comforted in their loss and find peace in celebrating the life of their loved one.

Prayers please

Prayers please for a friend awaiting news regarding possible prostrate cancer diagnosis.

Healing from cancer also help dealing with my husband's dementia


Pray for my partner

Dear St Brigid
Remember my partner. He is a kind and loving man. He has worked tirelessly to build our home and is feeling a little under the weather. Please give him strength and bring him healing to get better. Bring wellness and good health to a good kind man. Pray for us. Thank you .

Pray for my husband who has Vascular Dementia. For me to find the strength



Prayer for peace

For Mother who has passed away

We pray for a friend whose mother has recently passed away. We remember the family especially in our prayers. Lord comfort them in their loss. May she rest in eternal peace.