Continued prison visiting

Getting to some of the prisons around England and Wales is challenging with the distance and cost involved.  Fr. Gerry McFlynn, Irish Council for Prisons Overseas Manager, is assisted in this task by Breda Power, managing all London prisons, and by Ellena Costello who visits Traveller groups around England and Wales.  Our prison visitors travel weekly to one or more prisons, meeting individual prisoners.  Over the past years we have had approximately 250 new people added to our contact list in any given year.  Ian Hanna from our Maynooth office also visits prisons in the North of England.

Visiting people in prison helps to stabilise a vital sense of mental well-being, makes connections for sometimes long term stability, highlights communications with relatives and friends and importantly shapes working  together towards resettlement.  Supporting this campaign enables our ICPO London staff and volunteers to continue this extremely important work.

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Continuing prison visiting

We want to continue this central aspect of our service, with full time prison visitors and a team of volunteer visitors capable of keeping contact throughout England and Wales.

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