Irish Chaplaincy Seniors Project

We support and provide advocacy services for the most vulnerable and isolated older Irish people in London.

Intergenerational Work End of Life Care
Reduce loneliness

Reduce loneliness experienced by older Irish people, many without any family


Support Irish seniors to access services they need and advocate on their behalf


Reconnect older people with their local communities in London and any family in Ireland

Practical, emotional & spiritual support

Offer practical, emotional and spiritual support, regardless of their religious background

There are many more people who would benefit from our services if we had the resources. We’d be grateful for any help you can offer either by becoming a volunteer or by donating.

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What does this look like?

  • Visiting older Irish regularly in their home, in hospital or residential care home and spending quality time with them to offer positive support and encouragement - for some this may be the only visitor they get
  • Maintaining regular telephone contact to ensure isolated older Irish have someone to talk to and share their hopes and concerns with
  • Liaising and advocating on their behalf with health and social care providers and a range of other organisations as required
  • Helping them to reconnect with their families back in Ireland
  • Supporting those who want to move back to Ireland and making this transition as smooth as possible
  • Offering a knowledgeable and comforting presence, in relation to end of life questions and concerns, and providing advice on funeral planning in London and in Ireland
  • Exploring older people's faith and spirituality with them if they so wish, and linking them to a local faith community if requested

How to access our services

If you would like to access our services, for yourself or for another person, please complete a referral form:

Online Referral Form Download a PDF Referral Form