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November 14, 2018

Denise Rigden RIP

St Mildred’s Church in Canterbury was packed full for a celebration of the life of a great friend of mine, Denise Rigden. And in honour of a woman who almost…

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November 10, 2018

Remembrance-Two Grandfathers And World War One

As a native of Liverpool, with Wexford roots from my maternal grandfather, I grew up with stories of the family farm back in Ferns, and stories of my grandfather, Henry…

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November 7, 2018

The World is a Hankerchief

My wife and I were staying with friends in Liverpool and Paul was telling us about his voluntary work as Chair of the St Bart’s & Friends Community Sponsorship Scheme,…

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October 25, 2018

Irish Chaplaincy Newsletter Autumn 2018

Our latest Newsletter here.

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October 11, 2018

From Maynooth to Mayo…travels in Ireland

Mass with the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference in the magnificent St Patrick’s Chapel at Maynooth was the start of a 5 night trip that would take me across Ireland, up…

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October 1, 2018

Caritas at Villa Palazzola

I get the chance through my work to meet a lot of great people, in some interesting places (from prisons to palaces), and the Caritas Leadership Week near Rome did…

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August 31, 2018

The Pope in Ireland

I was in Dublin for the World Meeting of Families, attended by Pope Francis, and was very touched by the whole occasion. The positive and joyful atmosphere around the various…

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August 15, 2018

(I Ain’t got no) Barmouth Blues

Which is most beautiful: the Connemara coast or Cardigan Bay? I was discussing this with Chris, a Traveller from Galway, as we stood on the seafront at Barmouth. It’s the…

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July 23, 2018

Where’s the Bishop?

Maimie, who is 87 and one of our Seniors, was convinced there was a bishop coming to visit her, and as each of her guests came into her flat and…

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July 16, 2018

The Church and Sport Spirituality

Sport, Spirituality and Seniors One of my earliest childhood memories is of the Italia ’90, the 1990 Soccer World Cup Finals. It was the first time that the Republic of…

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June 28, 2018

Climb Every Mountain

“It’s true; Irish people are everywhere!” So said to me Quitterie, a Frenchwoman (with an Irish mother), as we made our way out of mass at La Grande Chartreuse in…

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June 12, 2018

Bells and Smells

Buddhist temples might seem at first sight to be far removed from Catholic churches but closer inspection reveals a surprising amount of similarities.